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Kenji Rikitake: personal profile

(Japanese/Nihongo version available/日本語の自己紹介はこちらです)

Kenji Rikitake has been solving the security, management, and operational issues of computer networks as a professional engineer of Internet since 1990. His background has gone from operating system internals and Internet foundation protocols to distributed system security and Erlang/OTP concurrent programming system. Since July 1992, he and his spouse Kyoko Rikitake have been living in Toyonaka City, Osaka, Japan.

His current research topics on computer technologies are:

  • Erlang/OTP
  • FreeBSD
  • Fundamental principles of distributed systems
  • Distributed database
  • Internet foundation protocols (TCP, UDP, IPv6)
  • Internet foundation applications (DNS, HTTP, Email, etc.)
  • Infrastructure operating system internals and management
  • Infrastructure programming languages (C, awk, Perl, Python, etc.)
  • Internet systems operation and management
  • Internet security management

Click here for the list of Kenji's research papers.

Work Experience

  • April 21, 2014 - (current position):
    Founder, Kenji Rikitake Professional Engineer's Office
  • February 2013 - September 2013:
    Senior Software Engineer, Basho Japan KK / Basho Technologies, Inc.
    Development of distributed database software Riak, Riak CS, and the related products
  • April 2011 - January 2013:
    Professor, IT Planning Office, IIMC, Kyoto University
    Strategic planning and consulting of engineering for Internet, information, and computer security of the information infrastructure of Kyoto University, including that of the campus network and information systems
  • April 2010 - January 2013:
    Professor, Information Security Laboratory, Collaborative Research Laboratories, Academic Center for Computing and Media Studies (ACCMS), Kyoto University (in accordance with IIMC, Kyoto University)
    Internet security technology research for the massively concurrent and parallel distributed computing environment
  • April 2005 - March 2010:
    Expert Researcher, Network Security Incident Response Group (formerly Security Advancement Group), National Institute of Information and Communications Technology (NICT), Japan
    • Architectural design of nicter incident response and analysis system
    • DNS Security research on the transport layer issues
    • Architectural research of NGN and IPv6 security issues
    • Security enhancement research of Erlang/OTP concurrent programming system
  • May 2007 - May 2010:
    Associate editor of IEICE Transactions of Communications
  • January 2001 - March 2005:
    Senior Research Engineer, KDDI R&D Laboratories, Inc. DNS, IDS, and teleworking research, including the joint research of DNS security with Osaka University Cybermedia Center
  • March 2001 - present:
    Certification of the Professional Engineer
    Certified as a Gijyutsushi, Japanese government-licensed professional/consulting engineer, of information engineering since 14 March, 2001 (Gijyutsushi registration number: 45374)
  • April 1992 - December 2000:
    Staff Engineer, Project Leader and Deputy Manager, TDI Research Center of Advanced Computer Network Technology
    Corporate Internet development and operation, and WIDE Project Kyoto NOC operation support
  • April 1990 - April 1992:
    Engineer, Digital Equipment Corporation Japan R&D Center Screen Management Library (SMGRTL) development for Asian VMS and VMS/Japanese development

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